For 2022, subs remain at $210 (plus a small online fee) per player; unless you get a $600 personal sponsor (sponsorship details are available via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

All players, non-playing members, and match officials are required to register for coverage under the Rugby Australia National Insurance Scheme.
In 2022, Clubs and Associations must adhere to the following registration regulatory requirements:
Online self-registration for ALL players, non-playing members (committee members and team officials - coaches, managers, first aid/medical staff etc.) and match officials; and
Online payment is required for ALL Players (full or part payment).
Full Payment     $213.44 (includes all fees)
Monthly:              $85.37 (includes all fees) (Monthly = can only play for the month you have paid for)
Weekly:               $34.57 (includes all fees) (Weekly = can only play for the week you have paid for)

NOTE: Monthly and weekly begin the day you register, and the system will automatically pick up when this expires (date range has passed) and remove you from the team selection.
As you can see it is much more economical to pay for the full season and for the 1st time they have an option to pay via Zip Pay, at check-out you just need to follow the prompts to create a Zip Pay account and proceed with payment.


A player MUST be self-registered (personal sponsored or not – if you get a personal sponsor you will be reimbursed), and a player record MUST exist in Rugby Xplorer for every active player. If a player is not registered in Rugby Xplorer, they will not be insured to play the game and cannot be selected in a team.

All non-playing members MUST be self-registered, and a person record exits in Rugby Xplorer for every club official or volunteer with an active role. All individual Rugby participants must be registered and financial prior to participating in Rugby, including before playing any match.
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About us

Our motto is "Capimus Sed Tradimus", meaning "What we receive, we pass on".

Hall is a very happy and close-knit club, which has bonded well both on and off the playing field. The club is committed to ensuring functions are family affairs and actively promote this culture within the club

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