As members of the Hall Rugby Union Football Club Incorporated, either as players, officials, volunteers or supporters, we expect a high standard of conduct and behaviour from each other. Our actions and behaviour, both on and off the field, reflect directly on our club. Therefore, it is our responsibility, in the interests of both the Club and the Code of rugby locally, to behave in accordance with the Code of Conduct and to meet and promote these expectations in regard to our conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by the Club.

The following Code of Conduct has been devised in consultation with the ARU’s code and appears in the Club’s Constitution. From 2009 onwards, all players and members of the club will be required to read and sign a copy of the Code of Conduct when registering. The Code is also available on the Club’s website and will be actively promoted. Any breaches of this Code may result in disciplinary action under Rule 9 of Hall Rugby Club’s Constitution.

Our Code of Conduct is as follows:

(a)       to promote the reputation of the game and take all reasonable steps to prevent the game from being brought into disrepute;

(b) to maintain high personal behavioural standards at all times, including at the premises of all club sponsors or venues we hold functions at;

(c) to not engage in any Doping Practice as defined in the ARU's Doping By-Laws;

(d) to comply with the ARU's Safety Directives for Referees, Coaches and Players;

(e) to not repeatedly breach the Laws of the Game, including but not limited to, the Laws of the Game relating to Foul Play or Misconduct;

(f)   to accept and observe the authority of a referee, touch judge or other match official;

(g) to not abuse, threaten or intimidate a referee, touch judge or other match official, whether

      on or off the field, or a selector, coach, manager or other team official;

(h) to not show unnecessary obvious dissension, displeasure or disapproval, whether on or off the field, towards a referee, touch judge or other match official, his or her decision or generally following a decision of a match official;

(i)   to not use crude or abusive language or gestures towards or against the wishes of referees, touch judges or other match officials or spectators;

(j)   to not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult or humiliate another participant on the ground of the religion, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the person;

(k) to not conduct yourself in any manner, or engage in any activity, whether on or off the field, that would impair public confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of matches and competitions or in the integrity and good character of participants; and

(l)   to not do anything which adversely affects or reflects on or discredits the game, Hall

      RUFC, the ARU and any Member Union or Affiliated Union of the ARU, or any squad, team, competition, tournament, sponsor, official supplier or licensee, including, but not limited to, any illegal act or any act of dishonesty or fraud.

About us

Our motto is "Capimus Sed Tradimus", meaning "What we receive, we pass on".

Hall is a very happy and close-knit club, which has bonded well both on and off the playing field. The club is committed to ensuring functions are family affairs and actively promote this culture within the club

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