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As part of Hall Rugby’s twenty year celebrations Life Memberships of the club were awarded for the first time to some very long serving Members. These Life Membership awards are a fitting tribute to recognise and reward those who have made exceptional contributions to the club, both on and off the field.


The following people have been awarded Life Membership into the Hall Rugby Club:

Luke Jansen 

The 2018 Life member recipient. Janso has been around since day one of the Bushrangers and his name adorns the Hall Honour board in many locations:- 1993 – Best & Fairest, 1994 – Club President, 1st Grade Coach & Club Captain, 1995,96    Club President, 2015 – 16 – 1st Grade Coach, Team of 20 years - No 4 back in 2011, Hall Rugby Infrastructure Committee (HIC) member he currently holds the position of Coaching Director.  

A more passionate Bushranger there is not, anyone that has stood next to Luke on the sideline during a Bushrangers home or away game will certainly recognise his dulcet tones.

Joel Williams

The only 2015 Life member recipient. Joely has been playing for the Bushrangers since the very early 2000's and would have close to 250 games and counting against his name.  Back in 2011 he was named in The Team of 20years as hooker and it was a very easy decision for the Life Member Committee to make him the 8th recipient of this award.

Shaun O'Connor

The only 2012 Life member recipient, Shaun (Cardboard) O'Connor has been with Hall for 20 of it's 21 years as a player, Committee Member, President & Sponsor.  Anyone that has had anything to do with Hall Rugby is well aware of the contribution Shaun has made to the Club on and off the field.

David Eriksson

Dave “Barney” Eriksson is the founding father of the Hall Bushrangers, Barney was the initial coach of the club in 1992. He played 30 or so games in the early years and has continued to be a part of the Hall Rugby Fraternity. He returned in 2008 and coached the First Grade team for the 08-09 seasons.

Brian O’Connor

Brian was one of the first sponsors in 1992 that helped the Hall Rugby Club get started in the first year of the Monaro competition. Brian has continued to be in contact with the club, whether it be putting some money over the bar at a home game, or in recent years refurbishing the food van and he and his family using the van to make sure that the players and supporters are always well fed and drinks at the ready.

Nigel Page

Nigel “Oners” Page started with the Bushrangers in 1997 and has played in excess of 150 games, not including the Golden Oldies. He has been active on the committee since 2001 including one year as Club Secretary in 2003. In recent years Oners has been involved with the Golden Oldies Bushed Rangers as well as managing the 1st & 2nd grade teams from 2007 till 2011.  In 2013 he took over as President and is the current Club President.

Adam Gladman

Adam “Adsy” Gladman has been involved with the Bushrangers since 1997, having played in excess of 150 games plus Golden Oldies. Adsy was Club Treasurer from 2002 til 2004 & 2008 &2009 and has held other committee positions throughout his years with the club. Adsy was 2nd grade coach in 2009 and has taken the next step to coach 1st grade for 2010 and 2011.  After stepping down as coach in 2013 he joined Oners on the committee as Club Secretary and stepped down from this role at the end of the 2015 season.

Darryl Pryce

Darryl “Steggs” Pryce started with the club in 1996 and has played over 150 games, Steggs was President in 2002 and has been on the committee in other roles throughout the years. He has always been available for assistance behind the scenes, whether it be selling raffle tickets at the Wood Duck Inn on a  Friday night or assisting with Grand Final functions or the Hall Ball.

Christian Sorensen

Christian “FEC” Sorensen has been with Hall Rugby since the clubs inception in 1992. FLEC has played over 250 games and counting. He was President from 2005 till 2007 and has been on the committee in other roles throughout the years.


Life Membership of the Hall Rugby Club


Life Membership is usually an honour bestowed upon deserving individuals who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the club. Often it is recognition of an outstanding milestone of a player and/or tireless unpaid efforts behind the scenes of volunteers such as a committee member, coach/manager, sponsor or supporter.

It is the club’s prerogative to decide how it will award Life Membership. However, it must be kept in mind that this is no small honour and must remain a prestigious award.

In accordance with the Constitution any financial member of the Club may nominate a candidate for Life Membership by submitting a nomination form in writing to be received by the Secretary on or before 30 June each year.

The Life Membership Committee will review the application to ensure the nominee meets the required criteria.  If eligible, the committee will discuss the nomination and shall vote on whether to accept the nomination and recommend Life Membership be bestowed on the nominee.  The nomination must receive a minimum of four-fifths majority vote from the committee.  The nominator may be invited to speak of their nomination before a meeting of the Life Membership Committee.  The Life Membership Committee will forward their recommendation to the committee of the Hall Rugby Club for approval.  The committee of the Hall Rugby Club shall then vote on whether to accept the recommendation and bestow Life Membership on the nominee.

If successful the member will normally be awarded life membership at the next Presentation Night.

Life membership is awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to the club. The aim is to make life membership hard to obtain so that it is respected by members and valued by recipients.  The Hall Rugby Club may bestow Life Membership on deserving individuals who have rendered outstanding service for the benefit of the club and others.

2. Qualification Criteria
To ensure consistency, a prescribed qualification criteria is required.  Each nominee must satisfy one or more of the following criteria to be eligible;

150 games as a player;

or 5 years as a volunteer official (e.g. committee member, coach or manager);

or a 10 year major sponsor of the club.

It must be noted that satisfying one or more of the selection criteria does not automatically entitle anyone to Life Membership.

3. Code of Conduct
To ensure life membership retains its high status, the adherence of members to the code of conduct will be considered. Any nominees will have had to have represented the Hall Rugby Club in an exemplary manner.  Those who have previously been found guilty of a serious breach or 2 minor breaches may incur an increase to their qualification criteria. The committee at the time of nomination will have the option to increase (but not decrease) these criteria if they see fit.

This selection process has been approved by committee of the Hall Rugby Club and has been endorsed by its members.  This process forms part of the Hall Rugby Club’s Constitution.

A copy of Life Membership nomination process, selection criteria and selection process is available from the Hall Rugby Website or the Secretary.


4. Process and Procedure

1. A nomination of a Life Membership must be completed on the prescribed nomination form (the nomination form is available in PDF format  by clicking this link or it can be completed and received by the Life Membership Committee through the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.on or before 30 June each year.  Nomination forms may be completed and submitted either electronically via the website or in hard copy via mail.  Nominators will receive a notice of acknowledgement.

2. The Life Membership Committee will be made up of the current Life Members of the Hall Rugby Club.

3. 2 weeks prior to 30 June each year, the Life Membership Committee will consider the submission(s) and inform the Club’s Committee of any decision. Names of nominees will remain confidential. The Nominators of candidates may be invited to speak to their nomination.  

4. Medal(s) will be struck and presented at the next Presentation Night.

5. Life Member/s will present a Life Membership to successful candidate(s).

6. Unsuccessful candidates can be re-nominated at a later time for consideration of their continuing commitment to the Association.

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Hall Rugby is a very close-knit club. A great part our success over recent years is due to the Great Spirit that the club has created amongst its members.

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