Hall Bushrangers Rugby Football Club (Bushrangers) intends to see our club remain viable and ensure its success now and into the future. The Bushrangers invite you to become a valued Club Member.

Our goal is to achieve and maintain a membership base of 200+ Club Members.

Bushrangers have had numerous successes in recent times. These include Minor Premier, Premiership and Championship titles in years 2001, 2003, 2004, 2011, 2012 and 2014. In order to keep our club viable and attract interest from new players and coaching staff we presently rely wholly on the generosity of our sponsors. We receive strong support from our major sponsors including Renaissance Homes and most recently Casey Jones Pub, along with a number of other sponsors from our community. These include businesses owned by the players themselves. For this we are extremely grateful. However we need to look to a more sustainable future. We can do this by drawing our income from additional sources. Club Membership allows those with current, intermittent and past association with the club to show their continued support for Bushrangers. This will allow the club to not only survive, but to thrive.

Club Membership will allow us to hold on to and build Bushrangers’ strong and proud history and culture for the next generation of our player and supporter family.

Option 1: $100 (Annually)
Option 2: $10 (Monthly)

Club Membership grants you the following:

  • Bushrangers Club Member keychain tag — mailed to you, or made available on request.
  • Open invitation to attend Bushrangers after match functions, both on ground and at the venue of our major sponsor, Casey Jones Pub, Casey ACT (CJ’s). As part of their service, CJ’s provides complimentary food at after match functions and hosts various subsidised events for our club throughout the rugby season.
  • Discount drinks (beer, wine or soft drink) and food available on ground at game day or at CJ’s at the conclusion of the day’s home fixture — on presentation of your keychain tag at the food van and bar.
  • Placed on the subscription list for all our electronic and paper based news.
  • Voting rights at Bushrangers Annual General Meetings — empowering Members, including non-player Members to help decide the future direction of the club.
  • A means of showing your support financially by contributing to ongoing costs incurred by the Bushrangers Rugby Football Club.

As a community based, not-for-profit organisation, in the past we have been in the position where we have not had the ability to invest in our club in the most necessary and ideal way. The membership proposed will assist us to make decisions on resources that we need to remain viable and competitive and ensure Bushrangers is the club where new players want to play.

Join us as a Bushrangers Club Member and together we can become stronger than ever!

Payment Options

 *Please note these subscriptions will continue to be deducted from your nominated card automatically until you opt-out of your Hall Membership. To proceed with your membership please choose your preferred option and click the yellow 'subscribe' button above. Payments are made via Paypal using your credit card

 For further details and information, contact Robert Barnes – Club President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About us

Our motto is "Capimus Sed Tradimus", meaning "What we receive, we pass on".

Hall is a very happy and close-knit club, which has bonded well both on and off the playing field. The club is committed to ensuring functions are family affairs and actively promote this culture within the club

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