Team of 20 Years

Dear past and present Bushrangers.

As you may be aware, the Hall “Renaissance Homes” Bushrangers are celebrating 20 years, as part of these celebrations a committee was formed to select the best Hall rugby team from the last 20 years.  The 20 years Celebration Committee (sub group to the Rugby Committee) agreed on a team of 15 players and a coach. 

As you can appreciate, selecting a team comes with subjectivities and sensitivities.  To avoid this as much as possible, the committee has nominated Hall coaches covering the 20 years to judge the nominations and pick the team.  These include: David Eriksson, Luke Jansen, Ben Reedy, Dave Kinnane and Adam Gladman.   

The Team Selected is as follows:- 

  1.    Mick O'Connor (Slick)

  2.    Joel Williams (Joely)

  3.    Jason Byron (JB)

  4.    Luke Jansen ( Janso) 

  5.    Paul Foster (Huey)

  6.    Gerard Littlewood (Sticksy)

  7.    Shaun O'Connor (Shauno)

  8.    Greg Scott (Lege)

  9.    Adam Gladman (Adsy)

  10.    Simon Carey (Jabba)

  11.    Chris Barnes (Barnsey)

  12.    Gary Langbein (Crackers)

  13.    Andrew McCoola (Andy)

  14.    Martin Begbie (Begsie)

  15.    Tim Rickets (Timbo)

Coach:  David Kinnane (Homo)


About us

Our motto is "Capimus Sed Tradimus", meaning "What we receive, we pass on".

Hall is a very happy and close-knit club, which has bonded well both on and off the playing field. The club is committed to ensuring functions are family affairs and actively promote this culture within the club

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