Hall Rugby Club Infrastructure Committee




Terms of Reference


1.         Meeting Purpose

The purpose of the Hall Rugby Club Infrastructure Committee (HIC) is to develop an integrated and coordinated infrastructure strategy for Hall Rugby. In particular, the HIC will provide higher level guidance and advice to those working groups established to undertake necessary research and development to support the development of the strategy. Special focus will be put onto the needs for a future rugby and community facilities at the Hall oval.

The HIC will be responsible for:

  • Formal acceptance of the working group/s deliverables;

  • Ensuring the project maintains focus on the key objectives and that roles and responsibilities are appropriate;

  • Approval of significant changes of scope to the project and ensuring it has supporting documentation;

  • Development and Implementation of a Strategic Infrastructure Plan to be endorsed by the Hall Rugby Committee.

  • Resolution of project conflicts; and

  • Regular update briefings to the Hall Rugby Club Committee.


2.         Project Scope


The HIC will initially develop a Strategic Infrastructure Plan that will focus on short and long term infrastructure /facilities priorities and needs for Hall rugby and the Hall rugby ground. This may include but not limited to (in no particular order or priority):

  • Lights;
  • Club house ;
  • Change rooms;
  • Amenities; and



3.         Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be held on a quarterly basis or as determined by the HIC from time to time to progress specific tasks. With focus on longevity of the HIC, these Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually and presented to the Hall Rugby Committee for endorsement. . It is proposed that any major change in ToR and or the Strategic Infrastructure Plan by the new Hall Rugby Committee should be put to the broader Hall rugby membership at a special meeting. Meeting location will be at a location to be decided by the HIC.


4.          Membership

The HIC is not a decision making Committee per cay and all decisions of major significance will need to be cleared / approved by the Hall Rugby Committee.

Attendance at the meetings is important and apologies should be tendered only in unavoidable circumstance. Where members are unable to attend they should still examine all supporting documentation and provide comment to the Secretariat in advance of the meeting.

HIC Members


Key Responsibilities

David Kinnane


Chair and Secretariat

Luke Jansen


Strategic Planning

Andrew Kerec



Nigel Page


HRC Rep (President Emeritus)

Sean O’Connor


Sponsorship and fundraising

Christian Sorenson



Andrew Dunbar


Stakeholder engagement and communications



Design and Planning


As the HIC progresses with the development of the infrastructure strategy, other areas of expertise and logistics as required will be brought into the Committee.

5.         Secretariat Support

The Chair will provide secretariat support to each meeting (including nominating alternative).

    1. Agenda. The relevant Secretariat is to seek advice of items to be included in the Agenda two weeks prior where possible to the meeting. Agenda items will be cleared by the Chair.

    2. The draft agenda is to be forwarded to attendees at least one week in advance of the meeting date where possible. The template for the Agenda is at Attachment A.

5.3         Papers. Papers in support of agenda items are to be provided to the Secretariat five working days prior to the meeting date where possible to maximise input / commentary of all members at the meeting. The Secretariat is to forward copies of meeting papers to attendees no later than three working days prior to the meeting date where possible. A copy of the template for Agenda Papers is at Attachment B.

6.         Reporting


The HIC will report Quarterly to the Hall Rugby Committee or such frequency as otherwise directed. Copies of Minutes of all meetings will be forwarded to the Hall Rugby Committee.

The HIC will be required to submit an annual progress report to the Hall Rugby Annual General Meeting.


7.         Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of meetings will be recorded and produced within 14 days of the meeting by the relevant Secretariat. Upon clearance by the Chair, they will be distributed to all members for comment, pending adoption at the next meeting.



About us

Our motto is "Capimus Sed Tradimus", meaning "What we receive, we pass on".

Hall is a very happy and close-knit club, which has bonded well both on and off the playing field. The club is committed to ensuring functions are family affairs and actively promote this culture within the club

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